Maranatha Church Youth Event Flyer A flyer designed for an all night youth event at Maranatha Church 2017
Maranatha Church Flyer Thumbnail
Katie Booth Massage Therapist Business Card A business card design for a local massage therapist 2017
Katie Booth Card Thumbnail
NJ Aikikai and Budokan Posters Posters designed for a dojo 2016
Dojo Posters Thumbnail
"Think About It" - Tract A tract designed for a church ministry 2015
Think About It Tract Thumbnail
Teal Tea Foundation - Flyer A flyer designed for the Teal Tea Foundation. 2014
Teal Tea Foundation Flyer Thumbnail
"Showing The Way" - Ad A print advertisment for Internet Video Archive. 2014
Show The Way Ad Thumbnail
Acceptance Movie Poster This poster was designed for a local short film called "Acceptance". 2012
Alt text
Internet Video Archive Campaign A campaign containing a brochure, ad, banner, and more for Internet Video Archive. 2008 - 2012
Alt text
Beach Daze Flyer A flyer for a church youth group event. 2011
Alt text

LOGOS A logo for a soccer fan website. 2015
Alt text
Broken Tree Music Logo A logo for a company that teaches guitar and bass over the internet. 2015
Alt text
Circle Down Logo This logo was designed for a local band. 2014
Alt text
Dave Schlossberg Logo This logo was designed for a local pianist names Dave Schlossberg. 2015
Alt text
Raccoon Creek Vineyard Logo A logo for a small South Jersey Vineyard. 2012
Alt text Logo This logo is used on and on marketing materials. 2008
Video Detective Logo Logo This logo was used for SingingFool marketing. 2008
Alt text

WEB A website for a local pianist Dave Schlossberg 2015
Alt text Wordpress website for Internet Video Archive 2013
Alt text Front end design for 2012
Alt text